Secret Passion

  • A deeper insight into our Fleshlights

    We have many different products available here at Secret Passions, in fact we pride ourselves on having one of the largest and yet cheapest product ranges available on the internet and since we are unable to describe individual items at the length we would like to on our pages, we would like to feature certain items in blog pieces to offer you a bit more insight into some of the different makes and designs available and highlight the low and amazing costs that you are able to pay for this wonderful products. Continue reading

  • Picking a new (or first) dildo

    At we pride ourselves on the variety of dildos we have available for extremely competitive prices. Unlike other websites and mail order companies, we offer a large variety of products in a huge range of designs that allows you to find your ideal toy without breaking the bank. Continue reading

  • What to look for in your first toy?

    So you have decided that sex toys are no longer smutty things you are not allowed to admit having or perhaps you have just been overwhelmed by the range available, whatever has brought you to the decision to invest in a sex toy we aim to provide a guide that will help making your first purchase a successful one. Continue reading

  • Satisfaction you can afford

    Aesthetics mean a lot nowadays. With streamlined smart phones and devices on show everywhere you look, sleek lines and elegant packaging normally means designer names and quality products which unfortunately are being pushed further and further out of the price range of most people.  Continue reading

  • Rampant Rabbits and how you should use them

    For a beautiful sexual experience, ladies have been provided with a plethora of intuitive sex toys. These can surely offer great comfort at times when they are alone. This has given them the pleasurable experience of a long lasting orgasm for relieving stress. While there are some sex toys which require efforts such as dildos, there are also others that are electronically capable of stimulating your precious spots without much physical effort. These are called as vibrators. Continue reading

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